Wallflower Systems for Decks, Fences, Rails and Retaining Walls:

Simple solutions with amazing results

Wallflower Systems product line is one of the most visually appealing lawn and garden products to be introduced into today's market.  The simplicity of use and the instant gratification are the things we as consumers desire.  

How amazing that in a matter of minutes you can transform your ordinary landscaping into visually breathtaking vertical gardens.  Wallflowers allows you to garden and grow in locations and in a manner you never had before.

The elderly and handicapped who have had a rough time before with gardening now can have that ability at a level they can get their "dirt therapy" in.  Transform your everyday landscape into vertical gardens and living walls.

Our products offer a simple and inexpensive option for those looking to change their landscape scenery without the hard labor and hefty bill.

The wide range of styles and sizes allows gardeners to change their plain wall, fences and decks into living art.  Each Wallflower is completely removable and re-insertable with just a hammer.  Imagine the thousands of possibilities!!

Our products are made from 100% USA steel with a rust preventive powder coating to maintain their beauty. These rings and hooks are attractive even without the plants.  A pre-punched hole in our products diversifies the options of use to include decks, fences, rails and posts.