How did Wallflower Systems come to life?

Hey there my name is Tessa.  I am the creator of Wallflower Systems.  I wanted to give you some background on how Wallflowers was born.  I was a housewife who had just bought a new house without landscaping.  I built a retaining wall and wanted it to look better than just the plain brick wall.  I thought about the old method of planting things on top of the wall and waiting for them to grow over the wall, but I am very impatient.  So I thought, what if I could make the wall come alive, plant within the wall itself.  I searched for something that would work.  On the internet and in every store, I couldn't find anything.  So I got out a pad of paper and started drawing.  What I came up with was Wallflower Systems.  I took it to a friend who was a metal worker and asked him to make them for me.  He was astonished at the idea and told me to get it protected.  I did.  I had the US Patent Office do a patent search and nothing came back.  I then spent the next three years working on the patents.  Once protected I went to the market with it at the National Lawn and Garden Show in Chicago.  The response was overwhelming.  Great right?  The American Dream.  Then I got sick with the big "C" and nothing mattered but living and getting healthy.   Now over ten years later I am healthy and ready to take on the world with my Wallflower Systems.  

I found a local manufacturer that could produce Wallflowers and believed in the idea and concept.  Now with the loving support of my husband Todd, I will accept this challenge.  I hope you will enjoy the beauty of Wallflowers as much as I have.  Remember if you don't have room to garden....Grow VERTICAL!!!