‚ÄčHow Does It Work?

Wallflower Systems Inc. is a simple design made of flat steel with a rust preventive powder coating.  As you can see from the pictures above the flat flange which is beveled simply hammers between the bricks of your wall.  A micro portion of the brick is pulverized, which allows the flange to enter and for the angles holder to lay flat against your wall.  This angled bracket can withhold a lot of weight depending on how far down your wall you place Wallflowers.  The Wallflowers once inserted can be removed easily and you then change its location.  Play with them, make different patterns.  

A pre-punched hole in our product diversifies the options of use to include decks, fences, post and rails.  Simple screw Wallflowers onto any flat surface that has a drop and Wallflowers will hang your plants off the surface preventing water damage and your precious deck space from being unusable.  Turn any deck into a wow deck.  Your fence posts now become works of art.  You will notice and the pictures the instant difference Wallflower Systems make on any landscape scenery.

Ideal for any gardener who cannot be on the ground for long periods of time.  Right at the level you want, place Wallflower Systems and now you can enjoy your "dirt therapy" again.  Wallflower Systems are designed to last for years and will allow you so much more diversity in gardening that was never before available.  Remember...no room to garden?  GROW VERTICAL!!!